Number one, y’all are thinking, who wants barbecue when visiting New Orleans? Believe me, you can’t eat Creole, or Cajun every meal, sometimes you crave simple meat!
Number two, everyone argues about who makes best barbecue no matter where you travel, especially in THE SOUTH! But truth is, good barbecue can be had almost anywhere someone is willing to slow smoke Mr. Piggy. In New Orleans, there are several well known choices, but for me, I have decided that THE JOINT offers the most consistently high quality ribs in a decidedly neighborhood style restaurant. My guru, Jenae, has it dialed in: Get there soon after they open for lunch…or wait ’til the lunch crowd dissipates a little, but still be prepared to wait. Their new location also has outside seating in the back. Their standard sauces are wonderful.

Own Your Carnivore!!


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