Yes, FRENCHMEN STREET has become the hipsters’ BOURBON STREET the past few years. I don’t hang on it as much as before because of the throngs on certain nights*, BUT IT DOES HAVE MANY WORTHY CLUBS! THE BLUE NILE is the place to be and see hip; KERMIT RUFFINS, THE SOUL REBELS BRASS BAND (pictured), WASHBOARD CHAZ BLUES TRIO, occasionally, TROMBONE SHORTY!! I am Posting this recommendation mainly to share my photos of a bridal party that was going down on my last visit!!

*A few years ago on Halloween night, I was with UNCLE LIONEL at THE CANDLELIGHT LOUNGE, and we decided to move to FRENCHMEN STREET. Got a ride from drummer CALVIN BROWN, who dropped us off at top…it took almost half hour to reach about one block. Lucky thing UNCLE LIONEL was wearing long, dark blue dress, and women’s wig so no one noticed him! That was my last Halloween on said street!!




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