Until I just Googled this, I always referred to this Clarksdale jewel as HAMBONE ART GALLERY. Maybe it’s because I met and befriended Stan’s lovely and talented wife, DIXIE STREET first. Over the years, I visited, or attended one of their now-standard Tuesday night salons, and I could see both of them working hard to keep the music and spirit of Clarksdale flowing! Located in the heart of old downtown Clarksdale, Hambone Art Gallery provides a hot spot for viewing and purchasing handmade art and unique T-shirts. Like nearby Cat Head, this place also provides general information about the music, and cultural scene in Clarksdale.

I admire the industrious spirit of Stan and Dixie to create both a living and work/display/entertainment center for themselves and the community. They had been hosting their Tuesday night events for many years before other venues slowly filled in the early week-night live music dearth that is standard in small towns. I am gratified to see their audience grow with each of my visits. They also open for special events, and are one of the locations for select outdoor canopy live music when there are festivals occurring in town. In other words, they are Central Players!!

Independently, each of them perform as musicians in a variety of bands and venues. Dixie has become one of Clarksdale’s leading drummers, currently traveling with the amazing 83 year old blues musician, LEO BUD WELCH. Stan plays several instruments; sax, harmonica, drums, and sings, so he is in demand throughout the country! I’m fortunate to be able to visit both of my friends most of my visits, and this is why I include their lives here!!IMG_2953IMG_2962IMG_5104Stan Street @ Hambone (1)Oh WOW, Dixie Street!Uh-huh, Dixie Street!IMG_0615IMG_0614IMG_0613



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