This has been my home in Clarksdale since my first visit to The Delta in 2008. It is no accident that I keep returning here because it fulfills my sense of a rural escape from town…any town. Staying out on this now historical HOPSON PLANTATION gives me the option to just sit on my porch and listen to nature, or step into THE JUKE JOINT CHAPEL for a beer, snacks, and sip from my own liquor supply in a cool environment, with occasional company by my friends that are on staff, or others I meet there. Now, there is even a wonderful local restaurant, RUST, that re-located from town, but you have to check its schedule. A lot of my afternoons are spent in the Chapel resting up for the short 3 mile drive into Clarksdale for the evening’s entertainment. Actually, there is a stage, and auditorium set-up for their own live concerts and movies. CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE, the local blues harmonica legend recorded a recent CD in the Chapel!! But the main draw of Shack Up Inn is their shacks that have been trucked in from various fields and then renovated functionally to be comfortable and fun: Each Shack contains an odd assortment of musical instruments and old electronics.
(At the front of their property is HOPSON PLANTATION COMMISSARY which is its own entertainment venue run separately by the third partner for this property. There have been major philosophical differences between this partner and the two who run Shack up Inn, thus don’t expect much information about events there; however, most every event around town will be posted weekly by our supreme mentor, ROGER STOLLE!!)
All of the Shacks retain their broken down, mis-matched look to the delight of increasing visitors world-wide!! I have to be careful in my enthusiasm, as it has become more difficult for me to maintain my annual reservation!! The following photos will illustrate my point!!IMG_7572IMG_7574IMG_7573IMG_7552IMG_74932013-05-05 11.34.082013-05-05 11.35.012013-05-05 11.35.39IMG_7577IMG_75782013-05-04 09.13.232013-04-27 06.05.31IMG_0966IMG_0936IMG_0882photo205photo121photo37



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