When I first started coming back to New Orleans repeatedly, I was told by a patient of my client how much he loved THE RED FISH GRILL, and that I should go there. Because I figured this guy was a typical tourist, and the location of this place is on the first block of BOURBON STREET, I purposely avoided it for years. Finally, I decided to give it a try, but only the bar section. This section is a separate room, quite large, and supports at least three bartender/servers. Usually it has plenty of room at the bar, and there are several tables available. I quickly befriended Greg, Melanie, and later, Trish. Greg has been introducing me to the finer bourbons. I have made some friends sitting at the bar, who like me, appreciate the excellent menu choices in all areas. But mainly, this place has become my go-to quiet food and drink place just a few blocks from my place, available seven days/nights a week.


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