IMG_7741IMG_7751IMG_7740In an earlier Post on THE ROYAL SONESTA HOTEL, I mentioned my first visit there. I owe it to my Dear Friend and Super Attorney, JIM MORGAN, to mention that he was my mentor and inspiration to even visit New Orleans. He, along with his side-kick, Big Ed “That Ain’t Right” Kumisca brought me to New Orleans and beyond, from LAFAYETTE, BATON ROUGE, to overnight fish camp in BAY ST. LOUIS!! But getting back to our first night, after a late night check-in, we wandered down BOURBON STREET to nearby IBERVILLE ST. where Jim wanted us to experience GULF OYSTERS at ACME OYSTERS. Being after mid-night, they were closed. We continued on Iberville Street, and were passing a true dive bar, THE ALIBI, where a window sign advertised OYSTER POBOYS. Jim suggested here; I didn’t believe it would be good, let alone non-lethal, but we were hungry. HUGE, WONDERFUL OYSTER POBOYS!! WONDERFUL DRINKS!! STAFF & PATRON WATCHING ENTERTAINMENT!! I learned in the next couple hours that it is impossible for me to experience a bad meal in New Orleans!! (For those who have, I’m sorry!)

We finally made it to ACME OYSTERS one late afternoon, and experienced their typical long line of customers waiting outside to get a table, or even counter seating. Big Ed slipped door man $20., and we enjoyed both oysters and good meal there.

But over the years, I now simply go to FELIX’S across the street on the Iberville Street entrance where there is an authentic, stand-up oyster bar: Stone counter, maybe room for 6-8 people next to each other, no plates. Hardworking & Bull-shitting Shuckers flipping oysters* to you as they shuck & jive. Condiments at end of bar with small plastic cups to mix your own bad self, baby! This is MY Oyster Bar…did I mention you can only have oysters and drinks at this counter? Further down is the seated portion, and many tables throughout the restaurant if you want actual meal. I just go there for dozen or two oysters, ABITA AMBER, or sometimes my BEEFEATER MARTINI, and then off to Adventures Du Jour!!
* Pre KATRINA, oysters were less than $7.00 a dozen!! Now they are more like $12.00 a dozen…but very large and still a bargain in my book!!



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