On my second trip to Clarksdale in May of 2010, I continued to meet new people and discover new wonders!!  Like moonshine, or simply, “‘Shine!”  It was from a sublime afternoon of sharing a bottle of ‘shine with a couple new friends that led to one of my most remarkable experiences in Clarksdale.  One of my friends had the key allowing us to tour this vacant, dilapidated movie theater, of which the roof was missing through years of neglect.  But once inside the property, and beneath the open roof, I felt like I was on a movie set.  The owner of this theater lived in Seattle, and returned to work on her project as much as she could.  Now, five years later, this theater has become an important venue for musicians, artists, and social events through the vision and hard work of ROBIN COLONAS,  I always look forward to re-visiting both New Roxy and my friend, Robin.  She has given me a couple of work-in-progress tours in recent years, and it is amazing that she has added safe, comfortable living and work space in the front upper levels, and retained the characteristic architecture in the public areas.  When attending events in the main theater, one must think outdoors readiness, rain or shine, including…campfires!!  There is a protected front stage and bar that is appropriate for small club-like performances that I enjoyed on a recent visit:  BIG ‘A’ & his band!!  New Roxy is located in the historical, NEW WORLD DISTRICT which denotes the African American section of downtown.  Robin’s next door neighbor, conveniently for us, is Luther, at WANGZ AND THANGZ who fires up his grill to serve a variety of offerings.  New Roxy’s bar has beer, sodas, lemonade, iced coffee, and salty snacks.  Of course, no well-dressed gentleman or lady is complete without flask for entertainment venues!!

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