IMG_8531On our Fall, 2014 excursion to GRANDE ISLE, LA, Jenae and I stopped for lunch at this little cafe which was on BAYOU LAFOURCHE.  Being Sunday, it was pretty crowded, but we opted to sit out on their porch.  We enjoyed our meal, and especially meeting the owner, Karen, to chat about her cafe, and the area.  She encouraged us to try her signature dessert, but we were too full, and wanted to get back on the road.  However, I told her that I was embarking on this website, and would enjoy including her place…I’m sure that she has been holding her breath for these months waiting for this publication!!  Karen, BREATHE!!

Since that visit, I have been curious about her dessert, so I went online and found this site that includes photo and a recipe from someone who is familiar with that region:


By the way, check out Jenae’s attire!  I love traveling these regions with her because there’s no doubt about her origins:  Louisiana girl, born and raised; New Orleans woman, sassy and fine!!

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