Look @ My Meat!Argentine Steaks!


In 2011, ago we had a superb dinner at this place, and we are way overdue for a return visit!! It was one of those visits where we had a good table and an excellent server. Because it is an Argentine steakhouse, I was especially interested in their meat selections. However, we found that our server made very good suggestions for both the steaks and our Argentine wine. In each case, he picked a lower priced offering, and yet we were really pleased with the results! We DID have two cocktails before, and appetizer(s), so the pictured portions don’t reflect our actual appetite fulfillment.

You can see from my point of view, the portions were outstanding!! Esthetics count!!

Jenae had, and continues to have a Fantasy Dessert Blackout ever since experiencing their signature TOASTED COCONUT & AMARETTO ICE CREAM CAKE!! WOW!!


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