With the re-opening of ARMSTRONG PARK, more events have been introduced in recent years.  When you cross  N. RAMPART STREET from the FRENCH QUARTER side to enter ARMSTRONG PARK, you are now in THE TREME.  See how easy that is?  You evolve from shallow, wide-eyed huckster magnet, suburban-America tourist, to bonafide, local music, food, and culture loving hipster!!  Enter these gates to enjoy the festivities today, but always remember that CONGO SQUARE was the site of Sunday afternoon socialization, drumming, music making and dancing of both enslaved and free Blacks before 1800!  Indeed, the TREME is still a vibrant force in maintaining these ties, and ARMSTRONG PARK is the most accessible component for those not wishing to explore deeper into this wonderful community, the community that I call Home!!

If you Google JAZZ IN THE PARK, you can see the Fall 2015 calendar of performances for Thursdays.  They are FREE, but I always contribute a few bucks to the Donation Buckets.  The current calendar says performances begin at noon and go on ’til 8:00 PM, but I usually have my FELIX OYSTER fix on way over, and maybe a quick stop at HARRY’S CORNER, to get my drank on.  Because this year’s schedule is from September 5 – October 31, it is very likely to offer rainy days as it has for most of the ones I’ve attended.  Unless it becomes a super down-pour, don’t let that deter you:  NEW ORLEANS MUSIC AND FOOD IS TOO IMPORTANT!!

Pictured are some random shots of previous events…KERMIT RUFFINS is always a crowd pleaser!!  But two years in a row we missed the final act of REBIRTH BRASS BAND due to those down-pours!!





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