Out of the hundreds of bars in New Orleans, HARRY’S CORNER is recognized by serious drinkers as their comfort zone! I often find myself dropping in every time I pass within a few blocks because it is so comfortable…nothing fancy…just good, stiff pours!! And talk about meeting people: See below, my encounter with QUENTIN TARANTINO!! Also pictured is long-time friend/bartender, and great singer, LISA LYNN. I usually stop there on way to dinner, or in one instance, we stayed there from 6:30 pm to 2:30 am…no dinner! I have made some treasured friends there, and spent many afternoons sitting in front of the large open window with my late, great friend, UNCLE LIONEL.


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  1. Tina latino /

    Ahh, Harry’s! It’s where we met, or we “picked you up” halloween 2009. You know i can be a bad influence re: no dinner, but “it’s where the real aLcoholics dRink”

  2. Gordon Yamamoto /

    But hey, you have remembered all of this!!….even though you are apparently drinking now as you finished your comment, hahaha!!!

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