IMG_6276Since we were visiting during off season, we were able to find lodging fairly quickly in the form of a 2 bedroom stilt-raised house rented through BLUE DOLPHIN. The front deck offered a nice seaward view. Being a small community, we were close to cafes and bars, although some places were closed for the season. No worries; we are professionals!  As I have professed, I prefer off periods precisely because they provide more opportunities to visit with owners and staff, establish friendships. Having Jenae as co-captain really boosts these opportunities with both men and women! I may be the novelty, but she clearly represents home turf, y’all!!


Sundays in the South find many restaurants closed. After our initial visit at BIG DADDY’S, we backtracked 8 miles to the beginning of Island Road to check out FIN’S BAR. We immediately liked our bartender, CHRISTIE SOUDELIER, who was funny, engaging, and had a very curvy figure! Talk about liberal pours: Her whiskey shot style is, “Say, ‘When’, as she pours into glass! My bewildered hesitation only increased volume…am I in Heaven?? This place had mixed race clientele which is what we are used to in New Orleans; very comfortable vibe here. We made acquaintance with several patrons, two guys who work on ships showed us great sunset photos. We ordered junk food from 24/7 place that delivers to the bar: Breakfast steak & eggs, grits, hash browns, toast – then later, Club Po’Boy, and fries!! Professionals!!

We finally left to end evening, but exchanged contact info with Christie…someday we hope to see her again!!

The next day, we had healthy lunch at STARFISH: Grilled shrimp, Chefs salad, and vegetable soup; then we hit the desolate beach for peace & quiet.


Later, after a quick island tour, we’re back at Artie’s where Penny stole some oysters from their kitchen destined for the next day’s political dinner there. Shhh-
Got to have some quality local conversations, and then on to another nearby bar, CISCO’S CANTINA.















Among the several patrons we met there, was Venezuelan who later gave us a huge plate of BBQ goat along with his rice pilaf which we ate the next morning: Excellent!!

Meanwhile, back at the bar, when we asked the bartender to snap our photo, another middle-aged woman posed with us and repeatedly pulled her sweatshirt up. The bartender had to reprimand her several times before we were successful!! Turns out she was the mother of our fisherman friend we met first day!! When we told her we met her son, she told us several times that his dad is Black!!…Huh??  Bartender keeps this lady under control; which is a blessing since the lady has been 86’d from every other bar in town!!  (When we ran into her son next day, we didn’t mention the sweatshirt incident, only that we met her.  He said, “She’s a trip, ain’t she?!”)   Local Characters, remember, I promised y’all?!!



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