Back in PORT FOURCHON, MORAN’S RESTAURANT is in the same complex as FIN’S BAR.  This place is a fine dining environment, save the casual, friendly waitstaff listening to rock music!!  Jenae and i enjoyed their youthful exuberance!  I REALLY enjoyed my huge Pompano Filet with Oyster Sauce, Baked Yam, and California Chardonnay!!



On the way back, we stopped at CASTAWAYS BAR to have night-caps.  This is a beautiful place with a huge antique wooden bar.  As we were only customers (YES!!), we got a lot of local scoop from our bartender, hailing from Missouri.  Evening ends back on our porch swing enjoying tropical breezes from our second story level!



Our departure day was Election Day.  Having packed up and paid rental, we headed for final drinks and visits with our new BEST FRIENDS at BIG DADDY’S.  Bud, a retired sheriff’s officer, does much of the cooking, and was working on his party gumbo for the Election party later.  Of course, the minute we walk in, he wants us to sample his work.  In addition, he serves up his tuna with salsa; wow, all delicious!  Love this life!!  Our final visit involves conversing with several of the staff and regulars…our new BEST FRIENDS!!  We tried to contact Christie to see if she could meet us on way back for lunch, but couldn’t reach her.  However, curious about her recommendation of a restaurant in GOLDEN MEADOW, we stopped by for a peek.  LEEVILLE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is situated among some broken-down marine industrial businesses in a pocket community, but when we went inside, it was filled with happy diners!!  I was happy because the person answering our inquiries was an exotic dark-haired beauty!!  Yes, I do look forward to a return trip to this southern-most paradise…in off season!!



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