Okay, a lot of locals are going to give me shit for this recommendation, so I will begin with the following disclaimer:

I LOVE GREASY SPOONS!!  Furthermore, New Orleans has other more famous ones beginning with CLOVER GRILL in the QUARTER, and ending with THE CAMELIA GRILL, UPTOWN/GARDEN DISTRICT.  Yes, I will cover the more unique, or touristy breakfast spots, but truthfully, since this place is a block and a half from my bed, it’s my go-to for occasional breakfasts…especially my first morning in town.  Remember, if you’re a night owl, your first meal of the day could be lunch, or at least oysters & ABITA AMBER!!  I just love coming to this spot and mostly sharing a beautiful wooden booth with No One…counter seating is for the Real French Quarter Zombie Watching:  Hookers, druggies, tourists, workers, anyone who wants to eat and smoke simultaneously…and DRANK, of course!!  Believe it or not, the breakfasts are good, and plenty, and cheap!!  And, the coffee is dark, like I prefer my company!!

(Although I keep referring to BREAKFAST, this place is open 24 hours, 364 days a year, and they serve all meals!)

If you’re a first time visitor, you owe it to yourself to rub a little grime on your sensibilities…then, we’ll get you to the nearby ALIBI BAR next!!!

Below is Chicken Fried Steak, but they ran out of white gravy, so I said, “I’m down with brown!”

2014-05-16 09.13.10
2012-05-25 08.51.44IMG_17562012-05-25 09.12.48



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