First of all…Y’all shouldn’t even be in Louisiana if you don’t eat pork!!

BOUDIN is generally a cooked ground pork and rice and herb filled sausage produced throughout Cajun country, and elsewhere there is demand. Most often they are produced in butcher shops or meat sections of markets. There are many styles that feature different textures depending on how fine or coarse the meat is ground, and how long the rice is cooked; from being smoothe like liverwurst, to more coarse like andouille. The herbs and seasonings vary, as does the spiciness. Like Martinis, that began as a strictly gin drink, but now encompasses a variety of alcohols and flavorings, boudin is also made with crawfish, and other meats…but for our tastes, Jenae and I stick to pork. Also, some cooks use pig blood which makes a more dark and intense flavor, but this type is not supposed to be for sale commercially…unless you know where to go!! You can go online to explore THE CAJUN BOUDIN TRAIL, and other trails all across America, but Jenae and I have been forging our own for the last 7 or 8 years!! Closely related to boudin, are BOUDIN BALLS, which uses the sausage mixture but is formed into large meatballs, dipped into fried chicken batter, and then deep fried!! OUTRAGEOUS!!! Most of these producers also feature CRACKLIN which are deep fried pieces of pork fat with a little meat on them. A much more complicated, (and dangerous) cooking procedure than one might imagine. Online, see COOKING LOUISIANA – Cracklin for their recipe.

Once again, as I caution first time visitors to NEW ORLEANS to pace themselves, sampling boudin, boudin balls, and cracklin all day long, with appropriate alcohol consumption is not work for amateurs! On one trip Jenae and I made 20 stops in one day, not all for boudin; we interspersed bars, and even a refreshing SNOWBALL stop!! Of course my old body can’t take such repeated assaults without repercussions: Jenae thinks we should be driving a custom flatbed truck with Porta Potty permanently affixed!! I remind her that we all get old!

A few good places in the LAFAYETTE area including BREAUX BRIDGE, AND SCOTT:

POCHE’S MEAT MARKET (Has a wonderful tour, and a super lunch buffet selection!)

So far, after years of dedicated testing, and even making friends with a leading boudin producer, Charlie, of CHARLIE T’S SPECIALTY MEATS, whom we take drinking with us, our two faves are DON’S SPECIALTY MEATS in SCOTT, for their more textural quality, and BILLY’S BOUDIN & CRACKLIN for their BILLY BALLS!! My photos are random shots of many of these places which I may choose to individually amplify at another point, but for now, consider this post an introduction.

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