Nolan, Naomi, and I met for drinks at FAR BAR, in LITTLE TOKYO, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, and jibundake.com was born with Nolan suggesting this domain site, and following through right there with his smart-phone. Naomi filled in good details and suggestions, and once again genius came alive with bent elbows!! Thank you both for motivation and on-going support!! Notice the bold logo? In-House Logo Designer, Chris Tomine, took my sketchy idea and made me official!! Look for T-shirts soon!! Letz Drank!!. Since this effort will mirror my notebook style over the years, know that unlike professional writers and authors, I don’t want to spend time doing current research on specific contact or content info related to my recommendations. Any proper noun, including people and places that I have in all caps will mean you should find out more by Googling.

Also, many of my stories and recollections that involve specific people, I may choose to keep them anonymous only because I don’t have to seek written permission to recount their role in the story. Think of this style as very casual, as if you just met me in a bar or at the airport, and we are sharing a few good restaurant or bar suggestions, maybe a few personal anecdotes to add color and authenticity. But if you ask for legal proof, I have to maintain ignorance…easy for me!!

Real, qualified restaurant critics will often visit a place two or three times and write about all of the diversity a menu offers. I am not consistent normally; if I read about, or someone suggests a promising spot, I’ll check it out. Maybe if I like it, I’ll go numerous times, I may order the same dishes most of the time. Some places have good food, or drinks, or entertainment, but are too crowded – noisy; that would limit my return trips. I like places that serve food on their plates, not just minimal sculpture with exotic combinations. Thus, no froufrou places. I normally like to sit at the bar to eat when I’m by myself or with drinking friends. I like to make friends with my bartender if they are friendly. This can lead to larger than normal tipping if the bartender provides a lot of information, poses for photos, or takes photos of my party. Which brings us to my most salient, and all-abiding point: I DONT LIKE CHEAPSKATES!!  I don’t like them as friends, family, workers, or any form that shows lack of class. So please don’t visit any recommendations and cheap out, especially if you mention my name!

From left to right: Nolan, Naomi, Gordon
September 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA


Jenae Crain, my sidekick is a connected and fearless New Orleans socialite and friend. This website was created by her so that when folks ask us our recommendations, we can direct them to this site. Many of these stories include her and because of her I ended up there in the first place! Don’t see her in every picture? That’s because she is the one behind the camera humbly catering to my photography needs.